Italiancookingtips - ROASTED TOMATO SOUP

ROASTED TOMATO SOUP a recipe that celebrates two very important ingredients of Italian cooking: tomatoes and mozzarella, a perfect combination that for us Italians is synonymous with summer. If you find some nice fresh “sauce” tomatoes, which differ from the “salad” ones because they are dark red, full of pulp and very juicy, buy them now and try to make this simple cold soup. To complete your Roasted Tomato Soup you must then get the real, excellent, very fresh Italian mozzarella, you will recognize it by the fact that it is sold in a sealed bag in its "serum", a mix of water and milk that keeps it soft and hydrated.Last but not least to color: dramatically “R-U-S-T”!!  Find the...

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Clemi's Market - Vegan Pistachio Cake

Hey you, my name is Clementina. I am half Italian and half French. I grew up in Italy but I had the chance to travel and live abroad for many years. My passion for cooking comes from my travels, but most importantly from the fact that I have a sensitive gut, which led me to find ways to prepare dishes that made me feel good but that also tasted good.My products and recipes come from years of developing the best combination of high-quality natural ingredients, that support and nourish every tummy. Discover my recipes on my website  https://www.clemismarket.com/            

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