Clemi's Market - Vegan Pistachio Cake

               Vegan Pistachio Cake

                       Vegan pistachio cake

                    Easy      45-50 minutes       Serves 8
Bowl 1 - Dry ingredients
180 g flour type '00'
50 g wholemeal flour
125 g organic brown sugar
16 g baking powder
3 g salt
Bowl 2 - Wet ingredients

230 g almond milk
60 g pistachio cream
40 g sunflower oil
60 g shelled and crushed pistachio


                      vegan pistachio  ingredients


    1.   Step 1. Pour into bowl 1 - sieve 180 g of flour type '00' and sieve 50 g of wholemeal flour, add to the bowl 125 g of (organic) brown sugar with 16 g of baking powder. Finally add on a pinch of salt. Mist all the ingredients and set aside.
    2. Step 2. Pour into bowl 2 - 230 g of almond milk, 60 g of pistachio cream and 40 g of sunflower flour. Mist well.
    3. Step 3. Preheat oven at 200°C
    4. Step 4. Pour bowl 2 into bowl 1. Mist all the ingredients together and add 60 g of shelled and crushed pistachio. Mist again smoothly until all ingredients are combined.
    5. Step 5. Take a cake tin and cover it with a light surface of oil and pass it over with '00' flour (so as not to make the dough stick). Pour into the cake tin the mixture equally.
    6. Step 6. Place the cake tin in the oven at 180°C degrees for 30- 35 minutes
    7. Step 7. Turn off the oven and remove the cake. Let it cool for around 10 minutes.
    8. Step 8. Sift a light layer of icing sugar over the cake
    9. Step 9. ENJOY!
     Combine dry and wet ingredients togetherPistachio cake ingredients combined together

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