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Friulane forever

They have different names but you immediately recognized them: we are talking about these delicious and very comfortable shoes that are now a classic, an evergreen that goes beyond fashions and meets everyone's favor, the top accessory in the wardrobe of young ladies, ladies, youngsters and gentlemen . The roots of the Furlane, which many call Friulane and which in Venice are the Patusse, lie in the countryside of Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia where they were used during village festivals, on anniversaries and, above all, they were always at the feet of the brides on the day. of the wedding. Slippers elegant and simple at the same time, in velvet with rubber sole, witnesses of a great artisan tradition...

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Shocking Schiap

  If we say Pink, we say ELSA SCHIAPARELLI to whom we pay homage with the help of our friend NICOLETTA DE MENNA who draws an interesting portrait of her. Good reading in pink! It is not possible to talk about pink without considering one of the brightest and most vibrant ranges of this shade, the Schiaparelli pink. This color is actually a mixture of red, green and blue which leads to a very intense shade close to the magenta. The definition of Schiaparelli Pink appears in the world of fashion in 1937, when the designer Elsa Schiaparelli launches her perfume Shocking de Schiaparelli. "Schiap" (she loved talking about herself in the third person using this nickname) wanted everything about this perfume...

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White paper

Aprile 2020, Vogue Italia esce con una copertina bianca e Valentina Ciarallo la trasforma in opere d'arte!  Racconta: "Aprile 2020, in pieno lockdown, avvolta da un silenzio nuovo che tutti...

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Pastiera time

  Flavia Pantaleo, professional chef, Neapolitan doc and author of the book "La Cucina dei pasticci e dei timballi", reveals the recipe and the secrets of her legendary Pastiera, the iconic Easter cake that is not just a dessert, but a real myth of Italian culinary art.  D: Flavia, tell us all about the ritual of the Neapolitan Pastiera.  A: In Naples when Easter gets closer we begin to stress for the preparation of the Pastiera. Yes, because we start to think about the Pastiera many weeks before Easter! the research fro the cooked wheat starting from the purchase of cooked wheat, a fundamental ingredient for the Pastiera that luckily today can also be found in some large supermarkets or...

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