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Weekend in Liguria

Un weekend al "Golfo dei Poeti".  Nell'estremità est di quel sottile arco che è la Liguria, al confine con la Toscana, incontriamo luoghi magici dove mare e collina si innamorano e creano un paesaggio così elegante e armonioso da saper incantare, molto prima di noi - comuni mortali - due gentiluomini che di eleganza e armonia se ne intendevano: i grandi Byron e Shelley che lo elessero il loro golfo e lo chiamarono "Il Golfo dei Poeti".  Eppure, da Firenze in giù,  pochi conoscono questa zona meravigliosa che è frequentata per lo più da Lombardi e Emiliani (che la raggiungono facilmente in Autostrada) e da qualche avventuroso turista del Nord Europa. Il Golfo dei Poeti parte da Portovenere a Nord e raggiunge il Promontorio di Montemarcello a Sud,  che lo...

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"Prince of Print"

by Nicoletta de Menna "To the Marquis Emilio Pucci - Palazzo Pucci - Via de 'Pucci 6 - Florence" This is the addressee and address of an important letter that in 1954 communicates the attribution to the Marquis Emilio Pucci di Barsento of the Neiman Marcus Award, the prestigious Oscar of American fashion. Passionate visionary eclectic…. "The Prince of Prints" (as he was acclaimed in the United States, a country that has always loved him very much) has outlined a personal and indelible path in the fashion scene that still today evokes freedom, lightness and a certain polite irreverence. Emilio arrives at Moda almost by chance: after the Second World War just ended, he continued to work as a ski...

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A weekend in Naples

"Naples is a thousand colors ..." and today, the sea is of such an intense blue that we feel lucky to be here, in a sunny, joyful Naples, ready to finally breathe an air of freedom. We are setting out to discover the most fascinating city in the world led by a Neapolitan DOC ... are you coming with us? Welcomes us to Naples Carmine Russo who, with his ROSSOCARMINIO brand, creates unique headbands and hats, handcrafted in the atelier of Chiaia, the good living room of Naples.Carmine, what have you got into your head?"Something unique, original and a beautiful" rossocarminio "my favorite color. Naples is my city and I always love to highlight that typically Neapolitan creativity that made...

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Mucho mas in Ibiza

  Diamante Zavagli Ricciardelli arrives in Ibiza in 1977 and since then he has never stopped going there, every summer for his whole life and then also in winter and spring. A life. It has seen the island change over the years, it has experienced the hippy period of the early 1980s, beautiful and very fun. She was fascinated by the markets, by the magnificent women dressed in flowers and long and colorful dresses with blond and beautiful children. These years have given the imprinting of what the island would become. The magic, the transgression which, however, was not excessive and vulgar as in recent years, the international environment and elegantly low profile have characterized Ibiza for many years. Then the...

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History of ... "costume"

There is a symbolic date - Nicoletta de Menna tells us - to talk about the evolution of the bathing suit and, inevitably, the common sense of modesty: 1970 when the Brazilian model Rose de Primo, on the beach in Rio de Janeiro, wears for the first time a thong. Without bothering anthropology, sociology or referring to the leather thong worn by some native tribes of the Amazon, that thong marks the point of arrival of a long tug-of-war, started at the beginning of the century and fought with centimeters, real centimeters , among the women of the so-called Western world and the guardians of order and morality. Since the summer of 1946, when a bathing suit is cut into...

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