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At Anna's House

Curious, eclectic, ironic, funny, profound, Anna Muzi Falconi is a painter and an artist in a broad sense and her way of living and living in the house also has something of an artistic touch.

With great pleasure we report the article and the beautiful photos that the online magazine BILO ' dedicated them.

"A house where pink plays a very important role: we find it in the walls, in the furnishing accessories and in many details full of personality. it is never banal when used for the living room.



Impossible not to notice the colored walls in this house. The beauty is that there is a story for each color and one for the color in which they were painted before. It all started with Giulio. Initially the house was completely white, only the entrance floor was fluorescent red "so you could see the step". Then Giulio reached adolescence and wanted to add some color. The entrance turned dark blue, with a carved tin star lamp hanging from the ceiling. "So you went in and you felt like you were on a record" Anna laughs. The corridor in the sleeping area, on the other hand, was completely yellow, "because Giulio collaborated with the Shocking (a nightclub in Milan, ed) and wanted to feel at home ”. Giulio covered the walls of his room with graffiti, “but oh well, that was his space anyway”. Now she and Dario sleep in that room, but Anna kept part of the graffiti. One day she found her son painting a bathroom wall green, so she stayed.

Well, we say, it's very nice that he did express it, not all parents would. "Eh, he lived there too, in here" replies Anna, with her smile. And then proud: “Now she is a landscape architect”. Art training, at home, must have had its importance. 



Recently, Anna repainted the kitchen. “Pink walls are new. Before it was green, beautiful eh, it was like being in a jungle also because in winter all the giant plants we saw outside are housed here. The kitchen walls have been green for ten years. Unfortunately a year and a half ago my cat Tito, with whom I lived in symbiosis, passed away. A month before I found out he was going to die, I found him in a dream. He was lying like a sphinx on my arm and directed me to the 'temple of cats', which was all pink. Full of cats. I decided to paint these walls in his honor. They are beautiful, aren't they? " He asks us for confirmation, as if it were needed. We like them very much. 

"A friend of mine suggested that I make a gold border on top. As you can see I tried, but it didn't match me. It used to be a building in the early 1900s, but this is a warehouse! I covered it with white. Where I don't arrive, I'm waiting for Dario to help me move the table. Anyway, sooner or later we will finish the job ”.


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