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Decluttering + Restyling = A Perfect Life!

After almost 11 months of a life that, due to force majeure, has been confined to our home and little more, we are all - or almost - in the shortest and darkest month of the year, with a great desire to escape!

How to translate this positive energy to our advantage? Here are two ideas for living a month of February under the banner of new opportunities and positivity (not from COVID!)?
We asked Francesca Pansadoro, personal organizer and expert in decluttering and restyling.

Go wild with "Decluttering" or with the liberation from objects of the past, choosing only a few significant pieces (the photo of the baptism, the grandmother's embroidered pillow, the ceramic plate of the little girl's kindergarten ...). And let go of the superfluous, as our friend Organizer Francesca Pansadoro says! Unfortunately, you quickly get used to the clutter and obsolete objects that no longer have so much value, you no longer see the hindrances, while the new emotional stability is made up of only the essential and little more.

Reward yourself with a fresh "restyling" of our home: small home décor changes that can gratify us and give new chromatic ideas to our home to surprise us and prepare our home while waiting for us to return to freely invite our friends. A jug with orange and gold stripes, a fresh set of placemats with tulips, the refined velvet and silk cushions by Ikat, the linen table runner with retro roses, in short, are the details that make the difference and that testify how the our home has now become a place of growth, a creative laboratory, an incubator of ideas and above all a loved space.

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