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I give you a BOX


Birthday or Anniversary in the Red (or Orange, or Yellow) Zone? Yes, that's right, this isn't the time to celebrate. But good ideas always arise from difficulties and there are those who are reinventing the way to celebrate, in complete safety, the small, large anniversaries of our life.

Today we propose the story of
Eleonora Cosi of Oliver & Co and its boxes with everything you need to say happy birthday at the time of the pandemic.

Q: How has the way of celebrating in time of Pandemic changed?
A: Initially this terrible pandemic has upset everyone's lives, but we, who have always been concerned only with happy moments, to celebrate them and make them more beautiful and happy, we were definitely blown away !!! 
From one day to the next, our work has become useless, superficial, indeed ridiculous and out of place, when compared to that of doctors, nurses and many others. We felt completely grounded. Then, slowly, the desire to return to celebrate reappeared in the hearts of our customers, we felt alive again and we looked for "new ways" !! 

How did the idea of the boxes come about? 
The boxes were born, therefore, from the need to to concentrate (everything can be done but only for a few, indeed very few guests) and of to deliver food at home in the most captivating and surprising way possible ... a real surprise!
The Box is just that: a lunch, or a dinner, or a complete brunch, everything you need for a fantastic table, flowers, cake, champagne and a pinch of creativity: those who organize the box, in fact, can enrich it. with what he wants: a letter, a memory, a photo ... in short, the Box is 100% customizable

Come on Eleonora! Give us some more ideas!
The ingredients for a boxed mini party can vary according to personal needs, but the fundamentals are: 1) An elegant and personalized package closed, for example, by a beautiful ribbon just like the gift package we have always wanted, 2) A cake prepared by our chefs and accompanied by bubbles, 3) A spectacular delivery ... in "surprise, surprise!" style. To this, the customer can add what he prefers

What are the most requested occasions?
Birthdays for sure! But also anniversaries and anniversaries of all kinds, or simple romantic dinners for two.

An example?
A few days ago we created a special box for a dad: a very active man who turned 71 and had worked extensively in Africa. The daughter asked us for a special setting and a themed menu so from the super colored box we created came out giraffes, elephants, typical African flowers, a magnificent cake, candles and lots and lots of LOVE !!! 

Will the boxes remain even after the pandemic? What projects for the future?

Yes, the Boxes will remain and will be a perfect corollary to everything else: we hope and hope to return soon to create even bigger and more beautiful events than in the past, in an imminent future full of imagination, creativity and desire to create moments. unforgettable

Eleonora Cosi surrounded by the Oliver & Co team.

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