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Friulane forever

They have different names but you immediately recognized them: we are talking about these delicious and very comfortable shoes that are now a classic, an evergreen that goes beyond fashions and meets everyone's favor, the top accessory in the wardrobe of young ladies, ladies, youngsters and gentlemen .

The roots of the Furlane, which many call Friulane and which in Venice are the Patusse, lie in the countryside of Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia where they were used during village festivals, on anniversaries and, above all, they were always at the feet of the brides on the day. of the wedding.

Slippers elegant and simple at the same time, in velvet with rubber sole, witnesses of a great artisan tradition but also precursors of material recycling: the sole was made from bicycle tires, the padding was made with old jute bags and for the upper used old scraps of fabric: in short, the furlane they were always different from each other and the artisans could unleash their creativity by inventing new details, unusual combinations and always different materials.

In the past, we find the Furlanas already at the beginning of the 19th century: they were the favorite shoes of the gondoliers of the Serenissima because the rubber sole, in addition to not damaging the painted surfaces of the gondolas, made them waterproof and not very slippery. And then the velvet kept them warm in the winter, while the "low-cut" shape made them cool in the summer.
It is said that the Patisses were widely appreciated by Venetian noblemen, who used them during romantic encounters because they made no noise: thanks to the rubber sole it was easy to escape undisturbed from the alcove in case of danger.
And here we are, finally, nowadays: only five or six years ago high-heeled shoes were a must, a real dictat that required a bold and seductive femininity. Today everything has changed and ballet flats, slippers, loafers are the essential accessory for next summer: low gògò heels! Indeed, the time of the Furlane is back. The ancient peasant shoes have all the credentials to embody today's style: they are colorful, informal, genderless, ageless, sustainable, equalitarian and inclusive. We see furlane strolling undisturbed in the fashion streets, caressing the feet of topmodels and influencers, peeping in the most social posts and stories of the moment.
This is why we have decided to dedicate a small space in our magazine to Furlane, Friulian or Patusse and we propose in our online shop those produced by our friend Carla Vallotto, who personally chooses fabrics and velvets and entrusts the processing to the Venetian artisans who have always scrupulously followed the tradition. And for us, there is nothing left to do but choose the color!

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