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La Vie en Rose

La vie en rose is one of the best known love songs in the world. Brought to success by the French singer Edith Piaf, it has also established itself for the message of hope and happiness it transmits, giving words and music the strength to return to life after years of destruction.

In fact, the song was born in 1945, and was not called immediately La vie en rose: the first title with which he began to make his way - trying to give a new face, after World War II, to the Paris so loved by Edith Piaf- was Les choses en rose. The song has become an icon of reconstruction, and over time it has acquired other meanings.

The song was set to music by the well-known French composer Louis Guglielmi, who changed the title to La vie en rose. Thanks to Edith, we all use the phrase today live life in pink to indicate positivity and invite you to see the glass half full, even when things don't go right.

Many artists over the years have paid homage or interpreted this song so evocative and sensual.

You remember Audrey Hepburn, who sings it in the car sitting next to Humphrey Bogart in the film Sabrina? It was 1954, less than ten years after the song was released and during the peak of Edith Piaf's career.

In 1977 it was Grace Jones who paid homage to chanteuse with a more aggressive interpretation, but we also find the sweet voice of Céline Dion to interpret La vie en rose.

The most recent example is Lady Gaga's wonderful performance in the film A star is born, with Bradley Cooper. Lady Gaga, with her scratchy voice and her execution, gives us a mischievous and provocative version of it. A few years earlier (2008, to be precise) it was instead the animated film Wall-E to use La vie en rose, masterfully played and sung in English by trumpeter Louis Amstrong, dated 1950.

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