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Mucho mas in Ibiza


Diamante Zavagli Ricciardelli arrives in Ibiza in 1977 and since then he has never stopped going there, every summer for his whole life and then also in winter and spring. A life. It has seen the island change over the years, it has experienced the hippy period of the early 1980s, beautiful and very fun. She was fascinated by the markets, by the magnificent women dressed in flowers and long and colorful dresses with blond and beautiful children. These years have given the imprinting of what the island would become. The magic, the transgression which, however, was not excessive and vulgar as in recent years, the international environment and elegantly low profile have characterized Ibiza for many years. Then the mass tourism and the show off of the rich today have a little destabilized a perfect balance, but Ibiza has a great energy and always manages to bring out a special side.

Diamante has selected some cool addresses for us to experience Ibiza in the best way!

• Fried eggs, lobster, fried potatoes al Royal park Vintage of Sant’Antonio, only on Thursdays, an experience that must be done at least once in a lifetime, the location is very basic, you only go to eat ...

• Bullit de peix da El Pulpo in Talamanca, only for lunch

• Tostadas, Bar Costa in Santa Gertrudis, always very busy, alternatively Es Pins road to San Juan
• Eggs, fried potatoes and sobrasada a Ses Casetes in San Mateo, a delightful little restaurant in front of the beautiful church
• Los Enamorados, restaurant, boutique, super cool hotel in Portinatx
• Ses Arcades, a new Hostal Restaurante of a dear friend, beautiful in the very Ibizan countryside and authentic, road to San Juan km 19
Special boutiques:
Miranda to Marina Botafoch, my friend Nuria is the favorite of all the greats of fashion, from Armani to Paola Fendi to Valentino, her fabrics, shirts and silk caftans, light and precious sarongs are an unmissable must-have
Sluiz in Santa Gertrudis is a circus, an irreverent and super fun concept store where you can find crazy home decor, accessories and cool clothing.
Hippy market on the beach of Benirras on Tuesdays and Fridays, banquets where you can find really really nice clothes.
Ibiza Bagus in Ibiza, my favorites for sandals and caftans.
Vicente Ganesha in Ibiza, iconic, his pajamas, skirts and gauze dresses are famous worldwide.
World Family, also iconic, for lovers of luxury boho chic style, 17 km road to San Juan.
The most beautiful festival is in May, the Medieval Festival, the old town is filled with stalls and stands of all kinds of flowers, baskets, perfumes, food, accessories and even costumed blacksmiths, fairies and elves spread their magic, huge rotisseries loaded with delicacies, music, rivers of beer and wine, fireworks and street performers dancing with fire…. super recommended !!!!
Go once for dinner at Lio in Ibiza Nueva, the most beautiful and fun show, crazy music, pure energy.
Go to dinner at the Heart, Circ du Soleil show while eating Ferran Adrià's exquisite cuisine, remarkable even if challenging.
An evening at Ushuaia, a mega open-air disco with the most famous DJs in the world playing from 6 to 12 pm, perfect for time, outdoor location, unforgettable show.
Unknown beaches:
Unknown beaches do not exist…. the most beautiful beach is undoubtedly Salinas but it is super crowded, the beach where you are most pampered and comfortable Jondal, the one with the most turquoise water Cala Conta and Cala Tarida, the one with the most Ibiza hippy mood atmosphere is Benirras, the one to go to boat and rest assured is Cala Xarraca or Cala Salada.
The best sunset and the most beautiful sunrise:
The best sunset is undoubtedly that of Cala Conta where the fireball goes out in the sea, I recommend seeing it while drinking an iced sangria de cava and eating crispy prawns at S'Illa Des Bosc restaurant on the cliff.
Another place for sunset is the Hostal la Torre in Sant'Antonio, tables on the rocks, sea, sunset.
The most beautiful sunrise from the side of Sant’Eulalia but I love the countryside when the light illuminates the red earth and the green plants of the carob and almond trees.
Thanks Diamond! So ... see you in Ibiza? "Sure, I'm waiting for you!"


What do you want to call it? Ibiza, as the whole world defines it, Vila, as its inhabitants call it or Eivissa, as the Catalans define it: whatever its name is, the fact remains that Ibiza is not just a beautiful island but has become, over the years, a real philosophy of life.

It is no coincidence that in 1999 it was declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco, for the exceptional cultural and natural wealth of many of its places: the Phoenician remains of sa Caleta, the fortified city of Dalt Vila, the Natural Reserve of ses Salines and the Punic necropolis of Puig des Molins.

In Ibiza, the cultures and traditions of different civilizations have integrated and merged with each other, making the island, originally poor and devoid of resources, a real source of wealth. Its transgressive side is obviously not to be overlooked because every year it attracts millions of tourists ready to attend the most irreverent nightclubs in Europe. Well, indeed, when you think of Ibiza you think of an endless summer of madness ... However, there are those who prefer to experience Ibiza by day, immerse themselves in its welcoming atmosphere, rummage through its markets and bathe in its crystal clear waters, and those who love to live it at night, wandering around its trendy clubs. Sandy Marton made the island of Ibiza known with the undisputed success, in 1984, of her single "People from Ibiza" - which has become a catchphrase that we still sing today.

We recommend that you visit also Las Puertas del Heaven. Surrounded by pine forests, this secluded viewpoint just outside Santa Inés is a real gem. The literal translation of his name is "The gates of heaven" for the rock formation located in front of the coast, which forms a natural bridge or a door through which you can pass by boat. The sunset is its highlight, but it is a perfect place for those looking for some solitude and peace during the day.

The hinterland of Ibiza is wonderful. If you love trekking, we recommend the protected natural area of Es Amunts which extends from San Antonio to San Carlos. Here you will find a stunning coastline, made up of high cliffs, mountains, and fields that thin out towards the coast of Cala Xarraca, Port San Miguel and Cala Salada which are also the easiest to explore. A natural reserve that occupies 25% of the entire island and which preserves a unique ecosystem in the world protected by hills and woods.

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