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Artichoke tart

What do artichokes have to do with the "pink" theme that guides this edition of our magazine? Simple "suggests Flavia Pantaleo who dedicated this recipe to us" don't you know that artichokes have a sweet and delicate pink heart? "

This pie is simple, very tasty and we really recommend you to try it (for 6 people) Clean the artichokes, shorten the stem and keep the softer part. Cut the artichokes into wedges and soak them in water acidulated with lemon. Drain them well, dry them and pass them in flour and fry them in abundant oil. Dry them on fried paper. Grease a pan with plenty of butter and line them up. Beat the eggs, add the milk, salt, pepper, mix everything and pour it over the artichokes. Bake until they are golden (oven very hot at 180 °).

Flavia Pantaleo she doesn't like to call herself a chef, rather a passionate cook. Born in Naples but a citizen of the world, specialized in traditional Neapolitan and Sicilian dishes, she was invited to the USA and Japan to teach Italian cuisine. She has appeared in numerous Italian and foreign magazines and newspapers (one for all, the New York Times) and interviewed by various international television and radio channels. As part of the week of Italian cuisine in the world, in 2018 she was invited as a Masterchef, by the Italian Cultural Institute of Rio de Janeiro and by the Italian Embassy in Brasilia, and in 2016 by the Italian Embassy in Sudan. 

For Bonanno Editore he published “The kitchen of pasticci e dei timballi”. His recipes are contained in important American books in the sector.


Website: www.flaviapantaleo.it

Facebook: Flavia Pantaleo

Instagram: Chef Flavia Pantaleo

Mobile phone: 3473889897



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