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Cristina Chiari

 1. How was your brand born? Tell us about your background and how you started your job.

The Brand was born from a personal artistic training, in the context of studies and work. First the academy of fine arts in Rome, then the work of decorator in a furniture studio, where in addition to the choice of materials and the knowledge of the styles of the furniture, I used freehand perspective drawing and gouache and watercolor painting , for the preparatory sketches of the furnishings. The history of fashion and jewelery has always fascinated me, ever since, with my nose turned up as a student, I observed the sumptuous clothes, pearls and precious stones, in the paintings of Tiepolo and Francisco Goya. So at a certain point in my life, I chose the freedom to express myself above all in the bijou, where everything is allowed! The shapes are often exaggerated and funny, and I like to change their opinion to those women who, after having appreciated one of my pieces, tell me they have never worn such eye-catching earrings before!

2. Three adjectives to define your Brand.

Artisan, refined, versatile.

3. Which is your creation to which you are particularly attached or which represents you the most?

The lost wax.

4. How do you imagine your work / brand in 5 years?

In the continuous search for shapes and materials.


Founder's Name: Cristina Chiari
Foundation year: 2012
Production place: Rome - Arezzo
Contacts: FB: https: //www.facebook.com/chiaricristina \ IG: https://www.instagram.com/cristinachiari1/

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