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EffeEffe le Gioie

1. How was your brand born? Tell us about your background and how you started your job.

EffeEffe le Gioie was born from my passion for creating refined bijoux thanks to the passion for color and elements combinations as well as a meticulous attention to detail. Original ornaments, precious as jewels, which convey joy and cheerfulness and highlight the personality of the wearer. I was born in Verona from a family open to the world, culture, and art, I graduated in political science and then worked in public relations. After the birth of my second child, I develop an ancient passion: the creation of jewels.

2. 3 adjectives to define your Brand.

Refined, iconic and lively.

3. Which is your creation to which you are particularly attached or which represents you the most?

The creations I am most attached to are 3, because they represent the versatility and evolution of my creativity:

  • The chains, composed of an intertwining of metal rings and colored rings of trimmings. 
  • Teardrop earrings: a classic and timeless Must, an earring suitable for every day, contained in its length, bright in its elegance.
  • Mother-of-pearl stud earring, which over the years adapted to my personal evolution, modifying its lengths and decorations, while always maintaining the iridescence, the contrast of colors, the research and refinement of the combinations of a material with a thousand reflections and meanings like the mother of pearl.

4. How do you imagine your work / brand in 5 years? 

My imagination, my commitment, my experiences and my creativity lead me to imagine that in 5 years my Brand will increase its visibility, and be worn more and more frequently by people who will share with me the passion for " travel bags jewels " that are unique, original, carefree, iconic and appreciated in their elegance and refinement, and that can be chosen with confidence even without moving from home, relying on my advice and my constant presence on the web.


Founder's Name: Francesca Farina
Foundation year: 2016
Production place: Rome
Contacts: Site: www.effeeffelegioie.com\ FB: EffeEffe le Gioie \ IG: effeeffe_le_gioie \ Mail: info@effeeffelegioie.com\ Cell: 347 972243


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