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1. How was your brand born? Tell us about your background and how you started your work.

Jupissimes was born as a hobby from the desire to express the creativity that was in me and also from the desire to invent clothes and accessories that were not just objects but that expressed all my enthusiasm, my energy and that communicated positivity and joy of life to those who wore them. Versatile dresses that lasted over time, with that little extra "I don't know what", which made people want to try them on, discover them and let themselves be permeated by the mood with which they were conceived: that of an elegance that does not shout but whispers, which finds its fulcrum in the careful selection of fabrics and patterns, chosen to create a few but durable pieces of each model, with attention to those small details that make original a creation. A small niche brand that is not afraid of making color and chromotherapy his flag. Since I was a child, I bought the fabric for myseld or decided to create a model and had the dressmakers do it. And so I got used to juggling, amateurishly, between fabrics, threads and designs of models made for me and for my children. Then many friends who had seen them asked me and so ...

2. 3 adjectives to define your brand.

Elegant, feminine and empathetic.

3. What is your creation that you are particularly attached to?

My first long dress, the dress Creative feelings and the shirt Beau rivage in silk with white a and cream pattern and pleated sleeves.


Name of the Founderis: Giulia Lancellotti
Production place: 
www.jupissimes.com\ IG: jupissimes


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