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1. How was your brand born? Tell us about your background and how you started your job.

MANOLI's journey begins in Italy and continues in Kenya, where the project of creating everyday objects using African fabrics is conceived. From Kenyan floral patterns, the journey continues into other countries of the African continent and the collection is enriched with the geometries of Senegal, Mali, Rwanda. African designs are the beginning of an infinite journey into the fabrics of the world, a journey that takes us into our global, unique and colorful life. Emanuela Sauve, creator of the project, is a long-time decorator. In this new form of decoration, we find all her love for color, for unusual combinations and a passion for African fabrics.

2. 3 adjectives to define your Brand. 

Unique handmade pieces, creative in everyday objects and colorful

3. Which is your creation to which you are particularly attached or which represents you the most?

T-shirts have been the engine of the idea of the MANOLI brand. The passion for African fabrics and the fun of dressing boys with something simple and special at the same time. And the SAK bag for its simplicity and refinement , they are bags of hard daily use, from the market, to the gym through travel and the beach with a touch of color, lightheartedness and comfort.

4. How do you imagine your work / brand in 5 years?

In 5 years I imagine my work very similar to now, I really like what I do, calmly choosing all the combinations, for me it is important to maintain this craftsmanship made up of close contacts with tailors.


Founder's Name: Emanuela Sauve
Foundation year: 2017
Production place: Rome
Contacts: IG: manolitaschini \ www.manoliart.it


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