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Rosso Carminio Creations

1. How was your brand born? Tell us about your background and how you started your job.


Rosso Carminio Creazioni was born from the imagination of the young designer, Carmine Russo, who draws more inspiration from the world of flowers and decoration. Since 2009 he has been involved in the management of a concept store in Naples where flowers and decorations were the masters, especially for holidays and events. On some sporadic request he created accessories for the customers of the store, then the request increased over the years and various events starting from 2016. An awareness that took place slowly and very slowly up to the first popups in Rome where he received favorable acclaim from people unrelated to his circle of acquaintances and thanks to which he then decided to make it a real business.

2. Three adjectives to define your Brand.



Lightweight and carefree

3. Which is your creation to which you are particularly attached or which represents you the most?

All my creations represent me, precisely because it is I who conceive, create and try them; every time I wear them to test their stability, each of them creates in me a moment of fun and leisure that I hope to convey when they are worn by other people.

4. How do you imagine your work / brand in 5 years?

I hope to grow exponentially as it was before Covid 19, become a real professional activity and no longer just a hobbyist, make my creativity and my products known to as many people as possible so that they can get excited and have fun with them in any want opportunity.


Founder's Name: Carmine Russo
Foundation year: 2016
Production place: Naples at Pensieroverde
Contacts: http://www.rossocarminiocreazioni.com/

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