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V.N.V. Sculpted Jewels

1. How was your brand born? Tell us about your background and how you started your job.

After earning my three-year degree in Marketing and Psychology, I decided to reconnect with a world that has always belonged to me and that has always mirrored me, but which I have never fully developed. That is, the world of art. The Academy of Goldsmith Arts was suggested to me, where I undertook courses in goldsmithing and wax processing, and it was this second that transmitted me a great passion and desire to undertake this unexpected path, but which gives me great satisfaction. Furthermore, what has always stimulated me from the beginning is that I can quantify the work at the end of the day - transformed into creations, which I was able to do manually.

2. 3 adjectives to define your Brand.

Timeless, luxury, sculptural, sophisticated craftsmanship

3. Which is your creation to which you are particularly attached or which represents you the most?

The creation to which I am most attached and which has become my iconic product, is definitely the bracelet portrayed with dogs. It all started with the boundless love we all feel for our little friends. They are unique pieces with the dog's head sculpted at 360 °, with a long-limbed body that accompanies the head and ends with two paws and a tail to close. They are made using personal photos sent directly by customers, to try to make the bracelet as realistic as possible.

 4. How do you imagine your work / brand in 5 years?

I would like to imagine myself as a luxury handcraft brand, with a niche market, which gives value to my research of every single detail, working a lot on quality unique pieces and not on volume. I would like to continue with the path of Made to Order, which for me it is a realization process that allows me to get in tune and confidence with the customer, allowing me to learn about tastes, desires and expectations, helping him to transform his ideas into reality. Furthermore, since my creations are of medium-large size sculpture-jewelry, I would very much like to be able to acquire new techniques and expand my line by proposing sculptural objects for the home, such as table bronzes, lamps, and much more.


Founder's Name: Vittoria Notarbartolo of Villarosa
Foundation year: European Union Registration EUTM 018019081 for the V.N.V. for classes 14, 26, and 40 EUIPO (Eurpoean Union Intellectual Property Office) No. 018019081 of 21/06/2019
Production place: Rome
Contacts:  www.vnvjewels.com \ IG: vnv_sculpedjewels \ FB: VNV Sculpted Jewels \ vnvjewels@gmail.com

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