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Mycupofteadigital.it is an innovative digital space where independent Italian artisans, designers and creatives can exhibit, promote and sell their creations around the world.
Mycupofteadigital.it is the evolution of a part of the entrepreneurial project of Mycupoftea srl born in 2006 with the mission of promoting and supporting niche and emerging brands through sophisticated exhibitions and events in the most suggestive locations in Rome: Via del Babuino, Via Gregoriana and al Palazzetto of Trinità dei Monti.
Located in Rome, we love to go in search, throughout Italy, of beautiful, well made, original and produced in small series respecting ethical values. This search includes several product categories such as:
Food & Wine, Accessories, Clothing, Cosmetics, Jewelry, Home Decor
In selecting brands, we take into consideration not only the emotions we feel through the experience with the product itself but also its history, the people who created it. We personally check the creations posted on the site and establish a stimulating collaboration with creatives ... only in this way can we make things happen with a smile!
Our team, built over the years, is made up of myself, Flavia Muzi Falconi, Massimo Porcelli, the Art Director, and some of my best friends in real life: Giulia Lancellotti, Francesca Legnani is Sabrina Neri.
Furthermore, being a digital project, the younger generation cannot but be part of it! Today it is represented by Martina Tinessa, with the support of Carolina Piccolo, Matilde Riggi is Giulia Vando that contributed so much to the success of the project!


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